Google Plus Business Page

Google+ Tip 5: Promoting your Google+ Page

The first thing to remember before promoting and spreading the word about your Business Page is to setup them with basic information and features visible your product or service.

Only share content once you’ve already setup your profile properly. Make sure you have the basic content, profile image, welcome posts. There are vital functions that you should not miss before promoting your page.

  • Add the basic content first
  • Spread the word
  • Frequent updates (at least weekly updates)
  • Sharing in details

The main way to promote your page is through the sharing tools as they’re quite powerful than Facebook and Twitter because it sort of combines the two and how they function which is implemented and vital in your promotion.

When you share something, you can target exactly who is going to see that content. The Circles concept is key to everything in Google+.

  • select and setup circle to share to
  • ability to lock post or disable comments
  • add photo, video, link in your posts
  • style your post (italic, bold, underline)
  • share types: blue (people in specific circle), green + extended circles (your circle and other people in your circle’s circle)

Sharing +1’s

This is like giving an endorsement which is publicly viewable or in circles and is a great way for product offers to get viral and create a buzz

The great thing with +1’s is that when you +1 something and immediately share it with circles it will have a chance to appear in Google search results.

Google+ Circles

  • Manage your connections
  • Like Twitter and Facebook in one
  • Integrate with Direct Connect
  • Extended Circles

The backbone of sharing and the Google+ system is the Circles and the way you can target what you’re sharing. You can almost think of it like an A-web or mailing list. In a A-web you’re going to make different lists and different people who bought different products or different segments and demographics. You think of this as the same way as how you’re gonna get some really powerful promotional campaigns and things commonly done with.

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