Power of Video Marketing

The Power of Video Marketing

Smart business owners are making a fortune by creating simple video marketing that they can display on their website, in their front office, and or place on the Internet to drive more enquiries to their business.

Web videos create trust and converts to sales better than anything. Online video marketing also means more traffic and authority to your website.

It’s a fact that right now, online video is the easiest, cheapiest, and fastest way to get traffic to your website. A lot of businesses with experience knew that online video increases conversion and sales.

Your website with a video introduces your business to prospective costumer who’s visiting your website. They watch simple, online video and feel emotionally connected with your business. It’s though in some way they know you and trust you just seeing this catchy videos.

Compared to your competitors’ website it’s a no-brainer to do business with you. Nine times out of ten online video on your website means you’re going to get the new customer as opposed to the competitor down the road who has a boring website.

Because it’s fairly easy, video expertise isn’t required. You don’t need a list or smooth copywriting skills. Using new emergent video-making softwares, you don’t even need to know how to make a video!

Types of Videos used in Online Marketing

A significant portion of online marketing videos are made through slideshows, animation, and screen captures with mp3 voice tracks. With the rise of social networking sites such as YouTube and Facebook anyone can upload hundreds of hours of promotional content to the Internet.

Popular Online Video Types

There are three main ways that people create quality videos to market online. Keep this in mind: Cheap and amateur videos can be just as effective, if not more, than those polished and expensive productions.

Popular online video formats most commonly used in video production for the internet are:

Slideshow Presentation videos

These simple and inexpensive videos are based on a Slideshow presentation, animated to create a video, along with your audio soundtrack. You can make a slideshow presentation video in a couple of hours, providing you know what you want to say.

Animated Videos

People love animations and they always add a cool and fun effect and are generally entertaining. They can capture your viewer and keep them watching the fast pace of on screen motion.

At times animated effects may be added to video intros, live action videos. photos or even screen captures. Stand alone animated videos are very effective marketing tools. All you need are some images and a subscription to Animoto and other emerging sites that does the same format.

Screen Capture Videos

Screen capture is just as it sounds, images and or sound captured directly from your computer screen and microphone. Training and informational videos are often presented through screen capture. These provide a ìlook over my shoulder feelî. The power of showing your viewers how to complete an action from start to finish is powerful and motivating. Screen capture videos are perfect for software demos, educational videos and even video training products.

Getting proficient with some of these simple video types will open up a world of opportunities for your website optimisation and online marketing.

How Google is including Video in Search Results

Back when the Internet was new, it was pretty easy to be found but that’s no longer the case when you’re competing against millions of other webpages.

Online videos are the easiest way to turn prospects into customers. Simple videos on your website, on YouTube, and other social media sites can help you generate dollars in extra sales.

Youtube is the 3rd largest site in the world. It serves up over 1 billion videos per day and over 100 million visitors per month in US alone. An entire day’s worth of video is uploaded to Youtube every minute.

If a picture is worth a thousand words then video is priceless. Online video makes your mesage memorable. Video delivers your message around the clock. When you take the time to create videos that provide value to your viewers this positions you as the trusted expert.

This why Google loves videos. Google is all about delivering the most relevant search results for high quality user experience. Since you’ve got videos, you’re the expert and Google rewards expert with high search engine placement.

As you can notice often videos make it to the first page of Google search. Your message plus online video equals one tremendous oppurtunity. More people take advantage of this oppurtunity and use online video marketing.

What you do is to invest now on getting noticed by using professional quality videos to deliver your message to your customers across the web.