Google+ Tip 4: Google+ Hangouts

Google+ Hangouts is one of if not the biggest feature within Google+ and Google+ Pages. A “hangout” is basically an event that you can start and run for the people in your circles through a video using your webcam. There are also hangout apps that’s starting to appear so you can do much more things.

Let’s go to the process of setting up a hangout. On your Google+ stream page, you can see a link box with a yellow icon at the middle right of the page indicating “Start a hangout”. Just click on that and a new window will pop up. It will ask you to install the plugin so you may want to do that first.

Once the plugin is installed you can refresh the window and it will then show you the preview of the video and chat hangout. Remember to enable your webcam to test the whole thing.

Let’s say you have a group of certain customers that you want to preview one of your offers or talk some detail, you can start a hangout and they’ll be notified to join if they are online at that moment.

There are control option at the bottom of the screen. It’s basically like your own free webinar setup which is amazing and powerful you can setup quickly and easily anytime.

If you can bring this to offline clients as a service and a way for them to engage they’re going to be very happy with that because a lot of them aren’t familiar with the hangout thing at all and it is a pretty advance feature. Add people within your circles to start a hangout and that’s pretty revolutionary technology.

There are also control options in the screen including (from left to right) Invite, Chat, YouTube, Video, Mic, Settings, and Exit controls.

That’s generally the whole framework of hangout and you can invite as many people in your circles as you can. There will be a lot of collaborative ideas as to what you’re going to run through these. Once you show that to your clients, it’s a big advantage and they’re going to have something that’s normally cause a lot of money for a webinar or whatever kind of video collaboration.

It’s like a small customer engagement sessions and people will really like this because there is a strong customer value in them. As supposed to an email, you can have this video communication which very much valuable.

When you think of it overall, the Google+ system, the circles, hangouts, etc, it can totally transform how you interact with people whether it be an offline business or as an internet marketer.

The hangout system is very quick to setup; just click the link, install the plugin and you’re good to go and invite people in your circles.

Hangouts is becoming a major part of the Google+ system so you may want to know how the grind for. There’s an application repository and system where you can have special apps and run inside the main video screen along with the YouTube section. That’s basically a hangout app and there’s different ones you can have live both to start using them seamlessly.

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