Tips and Tricks for Learning Web Design

easily build a website

With so many resources on the web today for building websites, the following article offers tips for web designers for various skill levels.

Starting out?

If you have often thought about how to go about building your own sites for personal use, or to build sites for friends and family, then these next tips are a great way to get the ball rolling. Even in the event that you have no or little web design experience, you can start out quite easily by making use of some of the DIY web builders currently available. One DIY web builder that comes to mind is called Easy Website Builder. The Easy Website Builder platform comes with multiple website templates, and has a simple to use drag and drop feature with built in HTML5 editing features, which will give the site plenty of bling and visual appeal right out of the box. Once the design is set-up, you can publish online instantly.

Web designers with intermediate skill level

The following tips will best suit, up and coming designers or students looking to learn design and development. The first part of the process involves purchasing your domain name and hosting package. Hostgator is a well priced solution and is one of the top 10 hosting providers in the world with an estimated 1 million hosted domains. Hostgator includes an easy to navigate website builder, a 99.9% guaranteed uptime policy, and further backed up by their 24 x 7 customer support service. Their web builder package comes with instant set-up, forums, blog and testimonials category.

After you have settled on your preferred hosting service, you’ll then need to research what web design software to buy. At the moment, Dreamweaver seems to be the best choice for web designers of any skill level. The next step will involve learning how to design and develop a website using Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver includes an extensive selection of online tutorials and step by step guides for getting started and implementing your project objectives. There are also tutorials available in Dreamweaver to help you in using FTP to make your website go live.

Web design professionals

The following outlines the guidelines for freelancers, programmers and web design companies For those individuals or organisations who out-put large volumes of websites, you should seriously consider the use of ready made templates so you can showcase a large quantity of your designs hence allowing your clients to choose which designs they like so you can further customise your premade designs to your clients needs. You will need the ability to use web design software and other relevant experience in order to further customise your templates.

If you need a simple solution that will allow you to fully diversify your web design processes, we use and recommend WordPress. Not only is WordPress the most customisable platform on the market, the user-admin area is also simple enough for you and your clients to use and to make quick updates to your pages.

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