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Tech News: Asia – 11 Start-Ups That Caught Our Eye

Yet another week has gone by here at Digital Organics, and we find ourselves marveling at another round of tech start-ups that we thought rated a mention. Today, we zoom in on Asia, to see how the tech game continues to unfold.

Check out our list of these 11 cool tech start-ups!

Web News

Kickfolio Australia

Kickfolio, the latest Australian start-up, based out of Melbourne, allows you to put together an impressive portfolio for your app in less than half an hour. Kickfolio takes screenshots, grabs reviews as well as info regarding your app direct from iTunes, and subsequently showcases it for your visitors via your online portfolio.

Bouncity Indonesia

Bouncity is a location-based platform for gaming, which has recently been acquired by Indonesian based game publisher, Qeon Interactive. Within 2 months of its launch, Bouncity amassed a whopping 300,000 users.

Scallope Indonesia

This new start-up out of Indonesia is a fashion web store, which is gaining momentum off the back of the growing online shopping market. Suitmedia is the creator, a company which already boasts extensive e-commerce experience.

goCatch Australia

GoCatch adds another level of convenience for Australian commuters. Gocatch will locate the nearest taxi positions using GPS technology and further allows its users to book a taxi based on current distance from the user.

PriceArea Indonesia

Last week, So-net and GREE funded the start-up of Indonesia based PriceArea. PriceArea is a price comparison search engine and is attracting plenty of attention from the wider community of Indonesian consumers.

Vinspi Australia

Vinspi, yet another start-up out of Australia, has designed a cutting-edge platform for men which will custom design a suit to perfectly fit the shape of your body.

8684 China

Investing in a startup that’s free for users is always risky business. Chinese based tech firm, 8684, is promoting their milestone which claims they now have more than 6 million users who have downloaded their transportation and travel app. 8684 has publicly stated that the venture is now primed for multi-million dollar funding.

Flamingo Indonesia

for travelers in Indonesia, Flamingo offers packages for people looking for unique travel experiences throughout the islands of Indonesia. Flamingo only launched 2 weeks ago, and has had more than 150,000 downloads.

TouristPads Singapore

TouristPads offers iPad rental services. TouristPads gives the opportunity for travelers to access pre-installed apps as a way to further enhance their travel experience throughout Singapore.

Tell My Friends Singapore

For music lovers, the new Tell My Friends service is a fantastic app which lets users explore and buy music for around $1.50 per track. TMF is a cheap and convenient way to get all the best songs for a low price.


It’s a location-based start-up, that has revamped its API, making it a snack for IT professionals to use its categorized data which includes access to many restaurants and bookstores.