Web Strategy – What it is and Why You Should Care

The web has the potential to be the single most pervasive and transformative development in the history of business. But only if we learn enough about a web strategy and business to see how it can be applied.

As web professionals, Digital Organics realise that when someone comes to us and say’s they want to hire a web designer, what they really mean is that they need a web solution, which is a lot more than creating a “design”. Often a client will have no idea what they’re asking for – they just have a job that needs to be done.

To get our ideas across we communicate, educate businesses about all the tasks we’re performing to deliver a great web solution.

Web strategy is about using knowledge of our client’s business and a fresh perspective to find opportunities that transform your client’s business. It is selecting the right technologies to solve problems and create opportunities by applying them with great design. It is not only content strategy, it is broader than that. It is a about leadership and the growth in their industry. It’s about seeing the whole picture within your clients organization and within your own group so that you can help them see new possibilities through your lens of design and technology.

We’re not just designers or developers at Digital Organics, we are also consultants. We understand the client’s business and often see the things they can’t. We use our knowledge of design and technology to truly transform the business. We also look at new ideas in business education and management design and strive for inspiration and innovation that comes from looking outside of what we already knew.

Web Strategy is the Key to our Success and Yours

At the end of the day, success equals happy clients and when get recommendations and more work. The progression leads to greater acceptance and integration of web design and technology throughout a client’s business which in turn leads to more opportunities.

How we Educate about Web Strategy

Education is the key in every level, whether it is structured or self-directed learning. Who could do it? Anyone can do it but not necessarily for beginners other than in concept. It takes a few years and enough experience with enough actual clients to see how interactions really work.

Integrating web strategies is ideal for those who have been working in the field for a number of years. It’s more suited to designers/design thinkers with aptitude for technology and business rather than the other way around. Designers with a penchant for technology tend to have more success with this kind of role than people who start off with technical background and start learning design. There are exceptions to that but still creativity is a lot harder to teach than technology.

Communication – if we can’t get our ideas across, they don’t exist. Think like a designer. Try to look at business education programs and read books covering on that area. Talk to clients in a language they understand. Innovation in business and design thinking are tremendously relevant to what we do in the best web projects. Examine/understand how business works: open your eyes and look across enterprise to see points of intersection – that’s where the opportunities are to use web technologies to create the greatest, most innovative solutions.

Digital Organics define, embrace and espouse the role of web strategist. This creates a culture that recognizes value of strategy and design in making most out of web technology on any device in the most useful and usable ways.