Taking Care Of An Annoying Web Design

Taking Care of an Annoying Web Design

Being met with an annoying website can really strike a bad note. It’s one thing that many website visitors dislike when a website over-does certain things and has these problems. When it comes to designing, it’s important to know what these things are and avoid those website issues. Here are some pointers on the things that you need to be aware of and to avoid in website design. If you like, you can share this article to webmasters of any annoying website you’ve seen.

A lot of newbie web designers usually make these annoying web design mistakes. The reason is that these guys, due to their being new to the field and so they love playing with their imagination. They might have lots of ideas that lead them to go overboard with the kind of the designs they are making and it may be that many of the concepts they use are conflicting. It’s nice to have attractive headers or interesting graphics but don’t attack your visitor’s eyes and irritate him. That’s the best way to lose them from your site real quick.

The main goal of website design is to help deliver the message of the content to the visitor that is looking for information. It’s not supposed to show off or measure the skill level of the designer himself. If this is done this way, you should probably say goodbye to your prospect visitors as they won’t even stay long. They bounce off to some other business.

Based on our observations, here are some of the things that annoy visitors. While this isn’t hard to do, some webmasters are just simply good at pushing their visitors away with their high-blood pressure causing designs. Check if you also have these things in your site as well. Here they are:

First is having a slow loading page, perhaps form too many images or other elements loading in the browser. People usually do not want to wait long to see the content of a website, so just try to keep everything simpler and avoid heavy, slow loading graphics and too much use of scripts like javascripts. Google also doesn’t like slow loading pages and it can decrease site rankings.

Second is background music. You don’t do this unless you’re running an internet radio station or selling music online. You don’t have to constantly play music on every page of the website, if you use it be sparse and give the visitor the option to play or not play the sounds. It will might sound cool at first but it becomes steadily annoying especially if it goes on repeating every time the page loads.

Third in the list are wrong font sizes. You’re doing the right thing if you are making the website exclusively for those who have eye disabilities. But the problem is these websites are for everyone to see, so making huge font sizes might turn out to be stumbling blocks for those want to get good information from the site itself. Huge letters or using too much capitalisation can appear to be shouting to people, so you might want to avoid doing it.

Also avoid extremely small sized fonts. This time it would look like you’re whispering your message, you won’t be heard so turn it up a little bit higher. Make it look normal to appear like having a normal conversation to your visitors. Format your paragraphs clearly into easy to read chunks and make the paragraphs visually easy.

Fourth, over-using popups aren’t good as well. Too many interruptions to a person’s focus and interest can be disruptive and spoil the experience. Although they may be useful at some point, but when they’re suddenly in your face, it can really be annoying. Don’t ever push your visitors to read your message. Force isn’t good but you’re not being stopped from doing a gentle persuasion. What makes these popups really annoying is when they actually block the important information that the visitor may want to read. Learn to pick the best place to put your message and don’t use popup windows.

It may be helpful to get the advice of people who know what they are doing in Web Design, such as the team at Digital Organics.