Why Oh Why?: A Few Simple Reasons Why you are not getting SEO Results

So, it seems like you’ve done everything, you’ve tried all the techniques, you’ve purchased every product and services in the cyber world but still nothing much happens in brining you search results to your website. Well the thing is, unless you’re optimizing for just a few target keywords, SEO results really can be slow to come. You may be missing a few key points. Here are some things that probably have gone wrong. Don’t let your time or money investment go to waste and throw more of your fortune away without taking a break and looking at these things first.

First, the game’s too early. Again, especially to the new ones, SEO requires time to work out the best. You must start steady and slow. You may well need to focus on popular but less competitive search terms. This way you may more easily gain some search rankings and build reputation. This will be your first essential move for gaining traffic, get some traction first before competing for the more competitive key words. Don’t jump into more complex and strong competition as yet, you will be bound to failure. If you think it’s not working, probably it’s too early, so work smarter.

Second would be falling for false ads. You may have seen ads offering SEO for less than a hundred bucks. But you should think twice. The entire process of search engine optimisation requires significant time and know-how; you may need experts if you expect great results. But you don’t have to invest too much as well. A good strategy is all about balancing your plan of action and spending your money on the right things.

Third, you may not be using keywords that can actually drive traffic to your site. Perhaps you have not done your keyword research thoroughly. Some people use just one keyword for their niche. Doing this would simply mean that you will generic target keywords which also means the competition is very high and strong. If you’re promoting a fitness equipment or gym, don’t optimize the word “fitness” alone as it’s definitely not going to work. You can actually gain more if you are running broad keywords, but don’t go overboard.

Fourth would be the opposite, you may become more specific. Don’t use overly technical terms as your key terms, people may not be searching for them! Remember, not all people know your stuff so; using jargons will not help you in huge ways. Again, in your choice of words to optimize your site for, be not too broad but at the same time not too specific.

Fifth is the most important thing, you’re not building quality backlinks or inbound links. This is one of the most time consuming and more tiresome parts of SEO. If you want to rank for certain keyword/s, you might as well consider this part virtually as a full time job, but obviously you cannot do that if you are focusing on ‘doing your business’. If you’re not doing well with this, results will just show it. It can be challenging, but help is available from SEO specialist like Digital Organics.

And last, consider this as a bonus; you might have hired a wrong outsourcing SEO company or employee. Make sure these guys know what they are doing. They need to know their stuff and keep up with the Google algorithm changes. They must be able to explain why things don’t work out the way you want it. If you have chosen poorly, for all you know you might just be throwing your cash on a mud pond. When it comes to hiring an SEO agency, you need to know they are doing the right stuff, like they do at digitalorganics.com.au