lady gaga social media tactics

Learn Social Media Tactics from Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga social media tactics

Lady Gaga has captured the attention of the music world and established a devoted fan base across the globe. She has been able to cleverly utilise social media to gain fan loyalty and sell products in a way that has been far more successful than anyone else. Lady Gaga has now more than 46 million Facebook fans and her Twitter followers exceed 36 million as of 05/www.

Today, Lady Gaga maintains her record as one of the top celebrities in every social media platforms specifically Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. She serves as an interesting case study for social media consultants. Below are 6 key ingredients to her success.

Go where your audience is

There’s no real advantage to having several platforms completely independent of one another. Fragmenting your own audience for the sake of keeping up is not a wise strategy. Pay close attention to which platforms you can leverage to help others grow in the same ecosystem.


It’s encouraged to add personality to posts/tweets so followers see a person behind the Twitter handle. Lady Gaga once tweeted to her fans from her dressing room: “warming up for the show. i can hear u screaming from my dressing room. little monsters.” This doesn’t mean you should reveal personal details of every moment. You just need to show you’re human.


You need to consult clients to be consistent and establish ongoing credibility with Twitter and also other social media platforms and blogs. In Gaga’s case, she tweets at least once a day, often every few hours. Keep this in mind with clients. Tweeting only when you have an announcement, new blog post or coverage isn’t going to accomplish much.


Social media is all about being authentic and transparent. This helps followers relate, connects people and encourages dialogue. Be cautious to strike a balance, so you’re not too transparent to the point where it makes followers uncomfortable or may unveil negative info about the brand.

Digital distribution

The pop icon streams her music and videos for fans at no-cost on sites like Facebook, VEVO and YouTube. They’re also channeling blogs and music sites most specifically a link to purchase and download on Itunes or any online music stores.


Lady Gaga knows the business of exclusivity when launching a product.

Her “Bad Romance” music video with Beyonce exclusively premiered on E! News during the show’s 11:30 p.m. broadcast. The video then made its online debut at midnight that evening on and before it was released elsewhere. This was all announced days prior via a press release on PR Newswire. YouTube page views, as of the 28th Jan 2012 are 444,022,403.

As social media consultants, we should be using Lady Gaga as an example to drive sales of a product or service beyond traditional media. Above all, know your target audience, where they are, and what they want.


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