Introducing the Google Plus Share Button


Along with launching its Drive cloud storage solution, Google just released its answer to Facebook’s Share button. This new tool can be embedded on your website or blog and will allow you and your visitors to easily share content from anywhere on the web directly to Google+.

The Google+ Share button works in a similar fashion to the Facebook Share button, including a share count and thumbnails of people in your circles who have already shared that item. It is somewhat a less confusing and more straightforward version of the +1 button.

The new share button works differently from the +1 button, which recommends links to show up in search results. Instead, the Share button allows you to share an article with your circles or followers.

Once you click the button, youíll be able to specify how you want to share in your circles, add your comments and post it on your Google+ profile. There’s a decent amount of people out there that have the impetus to share content on Google+ and Google knows this is a good way to attract more users on their social networking platform.

You can add the share button before and or after a post along with Twitter, Facebook, LinkEd, etc. These are configurable options so you can have the button before the post, after the post, or both.

Installing the Share Button

The manual code is available at their developers’ site: (

There is also a WordPress plugin and using it has proven to be powerful. This automatically configures the Google Share Button to all post in a website or blog whether recents posts or archived ones.

When you share something through the Share button it has the potential to get shared more. Through your posts on Google+, it will create a powerful backlink to your main site. You will notice their is a positive effect on your rankings later on.

Installing the button through Google’s Developer site would require you to manually cut and paste the code into every blog post but through this plugin, it automates and simplifies the whole process.

Having this Goggle+ Share plugin is now a must if you want to maximize the power of bookmarking on your Google+ posts.