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Facebook Tip 7: Get Free Fans through Conversations

How could getting into conversations in Facebook help you get free fans into your Fan Page? It’s simple. Facebook has a viral nature. Everyone who gets involved into your Page sends out newsfeeds into all their friends, making your page visible to all. You can use Facebook conversations to attract people to join in and be a part of a topic. They would be able to share their thoughts, opinions, personal experiences and whatever they have to say.

Facebook Tips - Facebook Profile and Conversations

Few key points to keep in mind about facebook conversations

Bad Feedbacks are Normal
Nothing is perfect. That’s true and it also applies to all even to Fan Pages. Everyone receives bad feedbacks and that is perfectly normal. Every person has a right to react and what you have to do is address it. Entertain in a nice way. Get back to that person and try to resolve any issues. In that way, everyone in your community will see that every feedback, bad or good is addressed properly.

Check you Fan Page regularly
Checking your Fan Page even just once per day will do. You don’t want to have an idle page. You don’t want people to see that you page isn’t active. You don’t want people to see a lot of posts from other people but no response from you.

Get back to every person who posts or makes a comment
Nobody wants being ignored. So, as much as possible get back to every single person who contributes something in your page. Acknowledge every person and reply at least once.

Ask Questions
If you ask questions people would answer your questions. People would love to talk about anything that’s interesting. People love to share their own opinions and experiences. And one way to get these people into commenting is when you give them something to answer to.

Facilitate conversations
When people comes flooding in, join in every once in a while to contribute to the conversation. Facilitate. Keep the conversations going and encourage people to share more.

Suggest. Do not Sell
Do not get into conversations and directly sell your products. Do not start posting links to your products. Instead, make a suggestion if they would be interested to check it out. Answer their questions and offer suggestions. That way, you can get easily get people into trusting your products.

The bottom line is, the more conversations you make with people, the more they get interested with you and your Page. Everything that’s happening in your Page sends a link back to every person’s Profile, making an easy access for their friends back into your Fan Page. Interesting topics may interest every person’s friends as well. And that means more comments, likes and free fans.

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