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Facebook Tip 4: Facebook Contests: Publicise for Free


Ever wondering how you can get tons of free likes for your Fan Page? Why not conduct a contest? Contests with interesting prizes can bring interest from a lot of people. Holding a contest on your Fan Page can surely bring a lot of free likes and get free publicity in front of a huge number of crowds in just a matter of hours.

There are different techniques on how to do this but here are a few examples of what you can do for a contest to generate free fans.

Facebook Comments and Likes

Comments and likes can do miracles for your Fan Page. With a simple techniques and tag lines, you can bring in people’s interest to your page.

  • Ask a question. Make people answer the question through a comment. The comment who gets the most number of likes wins the prize!
How Facebook comments work:

People who are interested to win your prize will surely answer your question and comment on your post. Since there is a condition to get as much likes as possible, that person would post on his/her status update asking friends to Like his/her comment on your page. He/She will also post the link to your Page where his/her comment is, so friends would find it easily. Through that, you get your page visible to all that person’s friends and they’ll see what that Page is all about.

  • “If you want this prize for FREE hit Like. And give your reason Why (give comments below this post). The person who gives the best reason can have the prize absolutely for FREE!!”
How Facebook questions work:

Catchy questions can spike up people’s interest especially if the prize is appealing. They would comment and give the best reason they could give to win the prize. People will come into your Page, hit Like and Comment. All their friends would see that they Liked and made a comment on your Fan Page and they would check it out themselves. You will receive tons of free likes in a matter of days and hours.

Sweepstakes Applications

There are sweepstakes applications available if you have some budget to spare to spice up your contest a bit more. These apps will give your contest a professional look. With great applications to choose from, you’re sure to get absolute help for your Fan Page to generate more people to come and visit your Page.

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