The Best Ways to Monetize a Website


It is important to think carefully about how you’re going to utilize the traffic to your page to monetize you website. You need to think about this before you go out and get the traffic as it will affect the type of traffic that you will go after.

How are you going to monetize those visitors?

Often, the easiest things to do are the ones that earn you the least amount of money. You may feel that because they are easy to do, you can do more of it and make more money. But often, it’s the other way around. The things that are more difficult and a fewer people go into those things, and also the return on your time and the return on your investment are much higher.

Banner Ads

You can go to various networks that will place banners to your sites. However, the return for that is very very low. The banners tend to be very untargeted and you get what’s paid like a CPM rate or a Cost Per Mill. You will only have to earn like 50 cents so you need to bring in a lot of traffic to make that work. There are banner ads which pay up to 5 dollars and per thousand views sometimes higher, depending on the niche. But you usually have t have a very big site and a lot of traffic to be able to get into those networks. And even at that rate, it’s still a little low in comparison to else you can do.


This is very easy to put in your site. It just takes a few seconds to set that up. You just put the code on your website, or you can install a plug-in and put your Adsense idea in your way. They can give target ads and you get paid per click. But ultimately it comes down again to a CPM or its earning per a thousand visit.

For Adsense, you can look anywhere from 50 cents to 10 dollars on average per niche or sometimes a bit higher, sometimes a bit lower. And it depends greatly on the quality of traffic you’re getting and if they are clicking the ads. But still, Adsense is not going to earn you as much as you possibly can from your website. And so in some cases, it’s good to have Adsense there because you can just put in and it will earn you money and it’s generally pretty good to put on there. But it shouldn’t be the main focus of where you want to earn money from.

Affiliate Offers (Physical Products)

This is one earns a lot more money. What people tend to do is they tend to use affiliate offers on their site and put up a banner. And you end up earning just as little as you would with banner ads if not less because banner ads don’t work very well. You need to pre sell them, you need to put it in a place where people can actually see it and engage with your offers.
One thing that you can do is make a price comparison. You compare a price of two physical products or you can do a products review and when people read it they will go though it and they buy. Even better, you discuss a problem and present the product which gives the answer. You will find your conversions very high.

The issue with physical products is that commissions can be quite low and it can go anywhere from 2 percent to 10 percent. In some cases, it can be higher but that tends to be the norm. You may start low and the more you sell, the higher it goes.
If you present targets down on to a single page, you can just put a banner and put it on every page in your website. Each age needs to be targeted in a specific product and if you put the time in to do that, and there’s plug-in in which can help you, then do that. But you need to go through each and every page you have and the pages will be targeted into that product or at least relevant to the content on the page. And that’s how you make more money from affiliate products and physical products. This will make you good money there’s still further to go, there’s still other ways where you can earn more money.

CPA Offers

CPA means Cost Per Action. The action is buying the product. But actually the action would be filling in a form, or it could be signing up to Netflix or sign up to a trial service. It could also be filling in a form to go to college. These are examples of CPA offers. They work better because the actions like filling in a form or signing up, the conversions are very high. And typically the commissions paid are very good. There is good money in that and if you can bring in the targeted traffic and again, you must have a page which is focuses to that particular offer and you bring in targeted traffic into that page.

This will tend to earn you more money on average more than what you’ll do on any of these Banner Ads or Adsense, or Affiliate Offers for physical products.

Info Products and Software (high commission)

Info products could be an Ebook. With these you often get paid high commission so it can be 25 percent, 50 percent, 75 percent and sometimes even higher than that. These are very lucrative when you’re selling something or promoting something which is 10 to 30 dollars and you get high commission. These tend to be solving problems and so you can approach it from that angle. You can present the product as an answer.

Again, you need a targeted page which sells the product to the site which is specifically trying to sell a specific product.

Own Product

When you have your own product, and you sell it, you get the whole lot of it. You’re also building your own customer base which you can resell to. So having your own product is the pinnacle of all that.

And obviously as you go up and do all these techniques it tends to get hotter. The jump from each is that you have to spend time targeting each page and by the time you get sell your own product you put your whole product together. And so the difficulty does go up as you go through all these but the important thing to remember is the amount that you’ll earn will go up and it goes more than the time you put in.

So whatever position you are in here, consider the idea moving up the chain. Also, don’t write off the other options like the banner ads, adsense or affiliate offers because they can still work for you very well. You can make it part of the mix.

As you add more types of monetization for your site, you’re going to make more money. But ultimately, you need to focus on where you want that visitor to go and what you want them to buy. And that’s what you need to have at the back of your mind as you construct your site, as you target the keywords, and the type of traffic that you’re trying to bring in.

So all come back to the key way to which you want to monetize each visit. So if you have an affiliate site which is selling physical products, you may have Adsense on the site. But remember that the focus is to get them to go through the affiliate offers. So the Adsense will just be there in case they don’t act on that. But the page should be structure to have them go for the affiliate offer. So this is something very important to think about.

Other Ways to Improve the Amount Earned per Visitor

Untargeted to Targeted

The key thing to look at is the type of traffic you bring in to your website. You will not be Targeted rather than not Untargeted. If you bring in a flood of traffic that will tend to be untargeted because it is a viral effect and that people will just look at whatever you’ve made because of interest and you will have a level of target but chances are it won’t be as targeted as it can be.

What you have to do and achieve is to bring in a lot of untargeted traffic to bring in a lot of links a attention and in the long term will bring you the targeted traffic that you need, and that converts with all these different monetization models.

Low Price to High Price

In terms of the types products you have on your site and the types of products you discuss in the market that you’re in, it is genuinely better to have something that is High Price rather than Low Price. The reason is that you’re just got paid more. Because when people buy that you will get a high commission or you will get a high dollar pay if it’s a CPA offer.

Wide Appeal – Niche Appeal

The time where you wouldn’t go for high price rather than low price is if it becomes too niche and it’s only a very small audience and the larger audience is at the lower price. You try to push the prices as high as you can go for the audience that you’re going for. S in any particular niche, you want to make sure that you discuss the high price products on your site and in promoting the high price products.

And that also comes down to the appeal of the prices appeal whether they are Wide Appeal or Niche Appeal. It just genuinely the niche itself if you want to have a big niche or just go really deep into just one particular niche. It doesn’t really matter as you can make money in either way. The wider the niche appeal tends to be more competitive and that there’s more money to be made and the one niche appeal tends to be less competitive, or sometimes there is less money to be made. And that’s something to consider.

One Off – Occasional – Weekly/Daily

In terms of how often they will purchase the particular product or service which you are discussing in your site, whether it’s going to be a One-Off Purchase, an Occasional Purchase for every few months or something of a niche where they’re going to buy an item everyday or not quite often nearly every week.

One-off purchase is something where people tend to purchase only once every ten years or something like furniture. You cannot being some more purchase if you keep bringing those people back because it won’t make any sense as they would only buy it once.

You can have the people who purchase occasionally. So it’s basically something every now and then. And that might be a gadget niche. They may purchase particular gadgets every few months and so that might work.

The best niche is to having someone who is purchasing very often like weekly or even daily. Examples of niche include the health and fitness niche because this is an on-going purchase of supplements. Also new info products that they want to learn more about how they can improve their health. That’s one good example where you someone who’s going to buy new things every week because there’s ongoing purchases which they need to make and that’s also going to be an ongoing interest in learning new things about a niche. So it’s better to be in a niche where there are more purchases made on a weekly basis as it gets you to earn more money.

One-Off-Issue – Passionate

It is important to know if the issue is a one-off issue or whether it’s something they’re a passionate about and that comes down to a repeat visit. Is it a one-off problem that they need to solve or a one-off purchase? And it’s not going to earn you as much money in the long term than from someone who is passionate.

Those who are passionate tend to spend more money and they will keep coming back for more.

So you can now look from the type of business you are in, the type of ways in which you can monetize your traffic. Can you move up? What type works for your niche? Do you need to focus too much on untargeted traffic or do you need more targeted traffic? Or have you been more focused on low priced products when there are high priced products put there that brings in more commission? Are the audience that you’re attracting are the people that will keep coming back? These are the things you need to think about for the niche that you’re in, for the website which you have in order to improve how much money you make for those visitors.