Knowing What Google Wants

Winning SEO Pointers To Remember

It’s the question a lot of people ask, what does really Google want? Actually, this is a question no one really knows the answer. You have to think that Google is considering around 200 different things with its algorithm and no one has ever figured that out. If it was revealed to us, then search engine optimization wouldn’t even exist as people already know what to do.

But, if you know the right things to do with your SEO methods, you will go far and even reach success if you get lucky. Just focus on these areas and you’ll do well for the rest of your works. And remember; don’t dare going against Google’s game if you don’t want your site to end up to nothing.

First would be keywords.

Make an ample lot of time looking for the best possible keywords for your website. It should be relevant. Your researching tools also matter as you should not focus on a single tool alone. Use Google Keyword Research Tool as it’s something Google itself owns. Next, know what your competitors are and find out the keywords they are focusing on and use them for your optimization.

Make great content.

There’s no need to redesign your website. All you have to do is develop great contents for your website’s pages. Here, you can apply what you have researched for if you have listed some already. This is the only way to pump things up with regards to SEO firing your website. Another thing to remember is to make sure that your keywords appear naturally on your site.

Contents must be fresh and new.

Don’t make your website stagnant and still. Always search for and write the freshest content available like your products, services and staff. You can also write some press releases and more information regarding your company. Also, write a niche or industry related articles and make a blog site if you want. Fresh contents are loved by Google’s spiders so give them what they want and they’ll keep coming back.

Next are backlinks.

With this, you should really consider time and a lot of effort. A good link-building strategy can make significant improvements in the ranks of your website in Google or some other websites. Backlinks are links that come from other websites. They point to your website signifying that these sites trust yours. Higher authority sites pointing to yours simply mean you have a credible and highly informative website at least for Google. This will affect your ranking in a significant way.

Creating a Sitemap is also one good step to take.

It’s good for the visitors of website. More than that, search engine spiders will also be attracted to your website as well. It will be easier for them to find all the pages that are found in your website.

Just focus on these things if you are just starting your work. It will make things easy and flow nicely. Google loves it when you are following what it wants, so stay that way and be patient as you will receive your rewards pretty soon.