It’s really cool naming Google the Big G. They’re worth it, the biggest and the most informative search engine a person can rely on. That’s the reason why a lot of online entrepreneurs are working their hearts out to make it to the top and the way to do this is through SEO or Search Engine Optimization. For years, a lot of theories have been made regarding the most effective method for SEO. The problem is only few of them works especially if Google does a little tweak on its algorithm.

Regardless of the theory you believe in or services you subscribe to, there are some things you just can’t miss. These are the most important SEO methods that Google loves. It’s simple as this; give the Big G what it wants. Thinking of this phrase over and over will lead you to a simple reality, you just have to give what it requires and you will have your reward. Yes, no matter how many updates Google will do, as long as you know and follow what it wants, you’ll never lose your pace and ranking. The sad thing is, as simple as it may sound; it’s quite hard to do especially if you lack significant knowledge.

So, for starters, here are some important things you need to remember as for years, these pointers have been proven to be real.

First up is the best use of relevant keywords.

You have to put your mind on Google’s. It wants quality. It wants to give researchers and users what they want. When these people search for something, let’s say they’re typing a word or phrase, Google will do its best to give the right results coming from the most reliable sites. Therefore, if you’re creating a website and optimizing it, the keywords must be first and foremost relevant, popular and most-searched. This way, you will get a more qualified and targeted traffic.

Second is content.

Google again aims for quality results and since content is king on the internet, it should also be made with the highest quality possible. Google gives quality results to its users, thus, it follows the content should be the same as well. That’s the reason why, Google’s Panda kicked all low quality contents a few years ago. Article farming sites were scraped from the Big G’s list and it’s still going on until now. Lots of sites have also closed because of this cruel move. Cruel to some but for those who are working hard, it earned them more rewards as their ranks didn’t go down and instead made its way on top. Now, you have to consider putting up a well-placed, informative, attractive, useful content in your website. Or else, Google might just look into your competitor’s site and give good ranks to them.

Third would be backlinks.

Google in a sense would like to know what you’re connected with and how real or credible this connection is. It wants to follow the ones who are linking to your website and trust you. Therefore, if your backlinks are coming from high quality or authority sites, then Google will consider you for a higher rank as well. Make sure the links are also related to your business or niche.

All these three elements are working hand in hand. Relevant keywords should create great quality contents and gather high quality links. That’s exactly what Google wants and you will just have to learn and adapt it.