What is Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing

Everyday, more and more people are using search engines and social media to search for content and socialize in the web. In order for your business to succeed in this new age, you need to draw people to your website. But how?

With Pay-per-click ads and similar forms of marketing, it is more expensive and less effective. The better way is through content marketing. This allows you to build permanent source of traffic, leads, and sales. You can do it for a fraction of the cost of pay-per-click.

Content Marketing is the creation, publishing, and promotion of web content done on a regular basis closely monitored to track and measure results.

Content marketing starts with creating lots of content but not just any content. In order to draw people to your website, you need to create unique and interesting content that help people solve their problems and answer their questions. In other words, your content must be remarkable to catch people’s attention. It must also be properly keyword-optimized to rank highly on the search engines.

Once you’ve created remarkable content, the next step involves publishing the content to your website and other popular sites on the web. Content on your website can be in the form of articles, blog posts, white papers, e-books, how-to videos, and more, all placed on carefully designed and tested landing pages. Each page of remarkable content you had is an opportunity to draw more people in the search engines and social media sites. As an added bonus, adding this content to your site on a regular basis will build your site into a trusted authority in your industry, keep visitors coming back often and stay longer, and increase your conversion rates.

After you’ve beefed up your site with fresh remarkable content, it’s time to publish additional content on other popular sites on the web. This means submitting your content to article directories, information hubs, blog directories, video sharing sites, and other high-traffic websites. Since the content you publish to these sites contain links back to your site, you get more traffic and higher link popularity. Overtime, this causes the content you place on your site to rank higher in the search engines

Content marketing also involves promoting all your new content using social networking and social bookmarking sites. This is where you go out and spread the word all about the new content you’ve created and published.

If your content is so remarkable, people tell others about it. Before you know it, lots of people are coming to your site to check it out. Now comes the part where all that time spent creating great content finally pays off, once people find your content on the SERPs and land on your website, you turn them into qualified leads using carefully tested landing pages with call-to-action links or contact forms.

To summarise, by creating, publishing, and promoting remarkable search engine optimized content on a regular basis, content marketing develop your site into trusted authority in your field, increase your sites conversion rates, ranking higher in the search engines for competitive keywords, build a permanent source of targeted links and traffic and generate lots of qualified leads and sales from your website.