Microsite MArketing

Microsites – Focusing your Marketing Efforts

If you’ve managed to get your site into the top of the search engine results for the key phrases you’ve targeted and you’re wondering what’s next then consider microsite marketing.

Microsites can be a great way to expand your marketing presence on the web. A microsite is any sort of stand-alone website that may be between 2-10 pages and is specific to a topic, focused on a particular product or solution or on a marketing campaign niche. Whether your objective is branding, sales conversions or lead generation this focused approach can provide quick results.

The more focused the content of a site, the easier it is for the search engines to deliver qualified traffic to it. Search engines love unambiguous, niche level content – it makes their objective of delivering relevant search results all the more easier.

If executed properly, you can end up having multiple sites that promote your offerings in the top search engine results.

The microsites you create should have unique content. If the content is identical, Google, Yahoo, and Bing will discount the value of your microsites.

The microsites also need to create value in their own right. For example, you may cover a topic on your main money site in 1-2 pages but expand on that subject in your microsite to 10 pages or more.

You can use a Microsite in cases where your marketing and sales departments feel the main site is not helping as much as it could. For example a product category section in an ecommerce site may not be performing. It may not be communicating effectively, doesn’t provide the right features, doesn’t look right… etc. Often in this situation it is faster and more effective to build an external site.

This is the best time to focus your marketing efforts on microsites.