LOL Dolls

LOL Dolls

World of LOL Dolls

In the world of toys and collectibles, few brands have captured the hearts of children as effectively as LOL Surprise! Dolls. These miniature treasures have become a sensation among kids and collectors alike, offering a unique blend of excitement, mystery, and endless play possibilities. In this article, we will embark on a delightful journey through the history of LOL dolls, explore their advantages, and dive into the fascinating variety of characters that make them so beloved.

LOL Dolls

The History of LOL Dolls

The story of LOL Surprise! Dolls began in 2016 when MGA Entertainment, a renowned toy company, introduced the world to a groundbreaking concept in the world of toys. MGA’s founder, Isaac Larian, and his creative team sought to create a toy that combined the joy of unboxing with the thrill of collecting. The result was the birth of the LOL Surprise! Dolls.

These dolls were designed to be a surprise in every sense. Each one comes concealed within multiple layers of packaging, including a ball-shaped container, which builds anticipation as children unwrap and discover various hidden accessories and surprises. This unique unboxing experience quickly caught on and became a hallmark of LOL dolls.

LOL Dolls

Different Lol Collectible Dolls

LOL Surprise! Collectible Dolls offers a wide variety of series, themes, and characters to cater to the diverse preferences of collectors and kids. These dolls are known for their unique unboxing experience and the element of surprise. Here are some of the different LOL Surprise! Collectible Dolls and Series:

  1. Original Series: The Original Series is where it all began. These dolls come in a ball-shaped container with multiple layers of surprises to unbox, including accessories, outfits, and the doll itself. Each doll has its own personality and style.
  2. Glam Glitter: Glam Glitter LOL dolls are all about sparkle and shimmer. They come with glittery outfits and accessories that add a touch of glamour to the unboxing experience.
  3. Lil Sisters: Lil Sisters are smaller versions of the original LOL dolls. They come with their own set of accessories and outfits, and they’re perfect for mixing and matching with the larger dolls.
  4. Pets: LOL Surprise! Pets are adorable animal companions for the dolls. They have their own unique personalities and accessories, and they often include a water surprise feature.
  5. Boys: MGA Entertainment introduced male LOL Surprise! characters to the lineup to cater to a broader audience. These dolls have their own distinct style and accessories.
  6. Under Wraps: Under Wraps, dolls are all about disguise and mystery. They come in a unique capsule that conceals the doll’s identity until you unwrap it layer by layer.
  7. Confetti Pop: Confetti Pop LOL dolls add an extra element of surprise with confetti explosions. They come in a spherical package filled with confetti, which bursts out when you open it.
  8. Hairgoals: Hairgoals dolls focus on fabulous hairstyles. Each doll comes with various hair-related surprises, from wigs to hair accessories.
  9. Makeover Series: The Makeover Series includes dolls that you can actually colour and decorate. It encourages creativity as kids can customize their doll’s appearance.
  10. Fuzzy Pets: Fuzzy Pets dolls come with fuzzy hair and are known for their tactile appeal. They also include water surprises and unique accessories.
  11. Sparkle Series: The Sparkle Series features dolls with a dazzling sparkle finish. They are perfect for collectors who appreciate a touch of glitz.
  12. Winter Disco: The Winter Disco series brings a frosty theme to LOL dolls. These dolls come with winter-themed outfits and accessories.
  13. Boys Winter Disco: In this sub-series, boys get their own winter-themed LOL dolls with unique outfits and accessories.
  14. Amazing Surprise: The Amazing Surprise is a larger set that includes both dolls and pets, along with numerous surprises. It’s perfect for those who want a big unboxing experience.
  15. #Hairvibes: #Hairvibes dolls focus on hairstyles and come with a variety of wigs and hair accessories that can be mixed and matched for different looks.
  16. Lil Daring Divas: Lil Daring Divas are a sub-series of Lil Sisters, featuring dolls with daring and fashionable styles.

These are just a few of the many L.O.L Surprise! Collectible Dolls and series are available. MGA Entertainment regularly introduces new series and limited-edition dolls to keep the excitement alive for collectors and fans of these charming, surprise-filled toys.

LOL Dolls

Advantages of LOL Dolls

  1. Unwrapping Excitement: LOL Surprise! Dolls teach kids the value of patience and the thrill of anticipation. Unwrapping each layer adds an element of excitement to the playtime experience.
  2. Collectibility: The dolls are available in a wide range of series, themes, and limited editions, making them highly collectible. Collectors and kids alike enjoy the challenge of completing their collections.
  3. Creativity and Imagination: LOL dolls encourage imaginative play as children mix and match outfits and accessories, creating unique characters and storylines.
  4. Social Play: These dolls have become a social phenomenon, fostering sharing and trading among kids, which promotes social interaction and negotiation skills.
  5. Educational Benefits: LOL dolls can also have educational value. Kids can practice counting, sorting, and fine motor skills as they assemble and play with their dolls and accessories.
LOL Dolls

Variety of Characters

L.O.L Surprise! Dolls offer a diverse and ever-expanding range of characters to cater to every child’s interests and preferences. Some popular categories include:

  1. Glam Glitter: These dolls dazzle with glittery outfits and accessories that are perfect for the fashion-forward collector.
  2. Pets: LOL Surprise! Pets come with their own surprises and are ideal companions for the dolls. They have personalities and unique features just like their human counterparts.
  3. Lil Sisters: Smaller versions of the original LOL dolls, Lil Sisters come with their own fashion-forward accessories and outfits.
  4. Boys: MGA introduced male L.O.L Surprise! characters to the lineup, giving boys and girls alike a chance to enjoy the unboxing and imaginative play experience.
  5. Under Wraps: These dolls come in disguise, adding an extra layer of mystery to the unboxing process.
  6. Confetti Pop: Bursting with confetti, these dolls bring an extra element of surprise to the mix.
LOL Dolls

Famous stores to buy LOL Dolls in Australia

If you’re looking to buy LOL Surprise! Dolls in Australia, you’re in luck! These popular toys are readily available at various retail stores and online platforms across the country. Here are some famous stores where you can find LOL dolls in Australia:

  1. Toyworld: Toyworld is a well-known toy store chain in Australia that offers a wide selection of toys, including LOL Surprise! Dolls. You can visit their physical stores or shop online through their website.
  2. Kmart: Kmart is a popular retail chain in Australia that stocks a diverse range of products, including LOL dolls. They often have a dedicated section for toys, making it easy to find your favourite LOL Surprise! characters.
  3. Big W: Big W is another major retail chain that offers a variety of LOL Surprise! Dolls and related merchandise. They have stores in various locations across Australia and an online shopping platform.
  4. Target: Target Australia is a go-to destination for toys and collectibles, including LOL dolls. You can explore their toy aisles in-store or shop online through their website.
  5. Myer: Myer is a department store that carries a range of toys, including LOL Surprise! Dolls. They have a strong online presence, and you can also visit their physical stores.
  6. Toys”R”Us: Although Toys”R”Us faced some challenges in the past, there are still some independently owned stores that operate under the Toys”R”Us banner in Australia. These stores may carry LOL dolls and related products.
  7. Online Retailers: You can also find a wide selection of LOL Surprise! Dolls on various online marketplaces like Amazon Australia, eBay, and These platforms often offer a broad range of options, including both current and rare LOL dolls.

Before making a purchase, it’s a good idea to check the availability and prices of LOL dolls at these stores, as well as any ongoing promotions or special offers. Additionally, consider whether you prefer to shop in-store or online, as both options offer their own conveniences. Happy LOL doll hunting!

LOL Dolls

LOL Surprise! Dolls have become a global phenomenon, captivating the hearts and minds of children around the world with their unique unboxing experience, collectibility, and imaginative play possibilities. As these dolls continue to evolve and introduce new characters and surprises, it’s clear that they have secured their place as iconic toys in the world of children’s entertainment. Whether you’re a collector or a young adventurer, LOL dolls offer a delightful and engaging experience that’s sure to bring smiles and excitement into your world.