How To Set Up a Facebook Business Page – Part 5 – Ad Strategy

How To Set Up a Facebook Business Page – Part 5 – Ad Strategy

How To Set Up a Facebook Business Page – Part 5 – Ad Strategy

How to Make the Most out of Your Facebook Ads for Business

Once you’ve set your ads live, you’ll see that the ad that gets the most clicks early on are also the one that gets the most impressions. So Facebook will show things that are relevant to the audience that you’re business is marketing to.

Main Concerns:

  • How to get impressions
  • How to lower CPC (Cost Per Click)
  • How to get a good ad position
  • How to stay profitable over a long period of time
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Strategies that Work for Business

Bid wisely

It is recommended that you bid much lower than what Facebook recommends. If you bid much lower though, you might not get impressions right away. But you may need to increase it by a few cents every couple of hours until you start to get impressions. With this technique, you will be paying a whole lot less at the end of the day than if you’ve started bidding the way they recommend.

Be relevant to your market

The ad that gets the most clicks initially will also get the most impressions because Facebook wants to reward you for being relevant to your audience. So if your ad is relevant to your market then you will see much better results. If your ad isn’t relevant, you’ll lower CPC.

Use a Call to Action

This is very important. Ask them to click “Like”. Ask them to visit your Fan Page, ask them to enter their email address, tell them that you’re going to ask them for money. So that people will understand that they have something to when they get to the page.

Use Compelling images

Boring ads don’t get clicks. You’ve got to be creative and use a compelling image. Be creative with your image to get people’s attention and compel them to click on your ad. Using optical illusion images, titled images, images with text and other creative techniques may encourage people to click on your ad.

Good landing pages

Please make sure that you are sending traffic to a specific landing page for your facebook traffic so you can track it with Google analytics. A good landing page is something that is specific. And make sure that if you’re sending traffic to a Fan page, that the Fan Page is optimized to get more likes and more email opt ins.

How to Get Impressions

facebook ad impressions
Increase CPC bid

If you started with a very low bid, increase your bid a few cents every few hours unitl Facebook gives you impressions.

Adjust your targeting

If you’re still not getting impressions, then you may have to adjust your targeting. You may want to loosen the reigns. Keep doing that until you get a decent amount of impressions.

Change your call to action

If you don’t get impressions, it means people are not clicking on your ad. Make sure you make a good impression and make sure you make the most out of it. So create a new ad and change your call to action.

Choose a new image

Chances are your image is not compelling. Change your image and be creative.

Simplify your approach

Perhaps you’re being a bit too confusing for people. Simplify your approach by simply asking them to be a fan, by asking them to like your page or other simple and easy to understand approach.

facebook advertising approach

How to Lower Cost Per Click

Have a high Click Thru Rate (CTR)

That’s the key to having a lower CPC. If your CTR isn’t above 0.020% then you have stay with your CPC bidding and keep testing until you can get a higher CTR. If your CTR is anywhere lower than that, Facebook Business will dry up your impressions. Keep creating ads until you get a higher CTR.

Relevant Ad, Image and Message

You need to have all of these if you want to get a high CTR and for you to convert.

Change Image Often

If you have an ad that’s really converting very well, don’t just leave it there. You’ve got to keep testing new images, change different versions of the image and be more creative.

Get emotional

People react to emotions. So find a way to find the emotion in your product and hit them hard with your emotion.

How to Get a Good Ad Position

Facebook Ad Position
Increase your CPC bid
High Click Thru Rate (CTR)

To have this, you have to make sure that your ad looks good and interesting for you to get a good Ad position.

How to Stay Profitable Over Time

It is very different in Facebook. The volume of traffic that is available is massive and you could blow your budget every easily.

Don’t set and Forget

Keep working, keep thinking of new ways to optimize your ads and your campaigns.

Target a new Market

Find a new group of people who like new things. It is important that you understand that you can target a whole new different kind of market and find a whole new bunch of people who had never seen your ad before.

Change your image often

Change your image every couple of days or at least twice a week.

Pause non-performing ads

If an ad isn’t doing well, you’ve got to pause it. Otherwise, you’re wasting your impressions and Facebook are going to penalize you for that. So simply get rid of all your non-performing ads. Just pause it. Don’t delete it.

Create new Campaigns

Create new campaigns for targeting new demographics or new locations.

Check your CPC bid vs recommended bid

When you go into the Facebook Ad manager area, you can click on the ad and it will tell you how much they recommend you to bid. If you have a very good CTR and getting a lot of impressions, you’ll see that they’ve dropped you down to only just a few cents.

Try a new approach

If you’re sending your traffic to something that’s been working low for you, you can create special coupon codes, new offers, special discounts or anything like that to really target those people again and again and really get their engagement on Facebook.

Take a break

You can do this very successfully. You can stop the ad and start it up again the following month. You can run an ad for certain amount of time each month to encourage people to get your limited time offer. Also, new ads get a really good result on Facebook.

Refer to current events

This shows that this ad is relevant. Use what the people are talking about. Use the recent information to your ad and it will get people’s attention because it’s very relevant.

Facebook Ad Success Over Time

For your ad to be successful in Facebook…

Make sure your products Solve a problem – if you offer a solution to people’s problems you will sure to get clicks on your ads and they will buy.

Know the context – understand the context that you’re working in. You need to distract people from what they’re doing and draw their attention to your service or product.

Understand your audience – understand your audience’s pain, frustration, and other emotions and if you have a solution for that, you will surely bank.

Build a community – having a Facebook Fan Page is completely free and it’s the best way to generate long term fans and long term business.

Be real and approachable – this is not the era of hiding behind an anonymous website. You need to be real, you need to be who you are, be fair, be reasonable and approachable to people. Allow them to comment on your page. Allow them to contact you for people to respect and trust you over time.

Communicate regularly – post to your Facebook page regularly. Tell them what you’re up to and that will generate their engagement.

Change your ads every few days – new images that are relevant will be far more successful than old ads.

Refer to relevant current events and news – this is very powerful.

Use targeting wisely – target people wisely.